Vivid Dream, what is it telling me?

Sometimes I have very vivid dreams. One moment they can seem really real but the next I wonder if my mind is trying to tell me something. This one is no different.

The details are hazy, but some things are as a clear as day. First I should give a couple of back details.

My Great Grandma had a house by a ferry dock. It was my favorite place to go. In 2000 she passed away. My Great Uncle got the house. Even though I have not been there in over 10 years I can still tell you every detail of the house. Like I said, my favorite place.

Anyway, dream time.

My mom and I decide to go to my Uncles house. Just to see the old sites and see how he is doing. When we arrive you can see he is not doing well because he lets us inside the house. I wonder off with my son, telling him the different memories and things about the house and the rooms. As I get further into the house I can see that renovations have been done. It still looks like an old house, but it doesn’t look like it is going to fall down anymore. The rooms look mostly the same. The bathroom looks more modern then old. Like there is a shower/bath combination instead of it just being a bath.

Sometime during the dream I realize this would be the perfect house for me and my family. It has three bedrooms, its pretty private, we can build a garage in the port and the front yard area is fenced (I am not sure if it really is a yard, Grandma never really let me go back there but the dogs were there all the time, I think it would be the perfect area for a garden). While I am still wondering around I am pondering how I can get my Uncle to let me have the house. Since the beef he has with our side of the family really has nothing to do with me.

That is when I discover that the entrance to the attic looks super new. The last time I was there steps were missing and grandma made it clear that I am not to go up there. There were parts of the floor/roof that could fall down if step on. But I still went up there when I could sneak away. Anyway, I went up there to see what was done. Somehow my uncle raised the roof cause I could walk around without ducking. But what surprised me was that my childhood best friend was living up there while he went to college (that is what he told me). After this little realization I went to go find mom.

They were downstairs in the living room. My Uncle looked even more like crap. Mom had gone out to the car to get the diaper bag so I had a chance to talk to him. I found out that he needs a kidney transplant. None of his kids were a match. I felt like this was my chance to get something from him, the thing I wanted most… the house. So I asked him if I gave him my kidney if he would give me the house, no questions asked. Unfortunately I woke up before he would give me an answer.

I have had this dream twice already. So if I have it again I will be making a trip out there to see what is up. What do you think the dream is trying to tell me? I have some ideas but none that really make sense. I did have the dream shortly after finding out that there was an opening at a different branch within Duh Hubbies company and he wanted to be transferred and the house would be the perfect place to relocate. And I have always wanted to go back to the house, I have not been there since Great Grandma died. Maybe I should go out there anyway, some of my best memories are out there and I LOVE the beach.


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