Language Arts and Science Workshop

I just realized that I didn’t report on how my last PTSA Meeting and Workshop went. They both went well. Not very excitable but not boring either.

Language Arts/Science Workshop: I ended up being the ONLY parent there. Versus the full room we had for the math workshop. I was afraid that they were going to reschedule it. Nope. They went ahead and proceeded. Which means that all of my questions were answered. It was very informative. I found out how they are going to test the students in the spring. This is a three day test because they have put science in with it. They showed me a sample test and OH MAN. That is a lot of information to go over in three hours. Thankfully if the students don’t finish in the allotted time they can go to another room and finish. BUT if they are not finished by the time school ends then they may not continue that part of the test the next day.  It is a lot more extravagant then when I was in school. And it is all computerized. It will be interesting to see how the students do this spring.

PTSA Meeting: It was mostly about upcoming events. About who was going to volunteer and what was still needed. There was a budget talk (that one was kind of boring). The meeting itself was short. And there were not as many parents there as there was the first time. So not very exciting. I still plan on going every month. That way I can stay involved without being overwhelmed. And since my middle schooler does not know how to get all the information or even pass on information I need to do it myself. So doing PTSA is a good way to do that.

Still excited to see how the year is going to play out.


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