A Love that will NEVER fade

Everyone has a love. It can be a person, food, item, anything really. You can even have more then one. I have plenty. My top three would be: Husband, Books and Food. Depending on the day they are all fighting for the top spot. But when it comes to my books, I do not play around. There are certain types of books I like to read. And over the years it has changed a little, but just a little.

When I was in school I used to read books about witches and magic (yes Harry Potter BEFORE the movies). Then it went to faeries and vampires (yes Twilight BEFORE it was famous and drawn out). Once I got out of high school it went to paranormal romance novels. And I am talking about the panty wetting types. Makes you fan yourself .  I am not ashamed to say that. I love them. Not only do they keep me guessing, but they give me ideas (most of which I can’t do because I am human). My husband sure likes it when I read them though.

Larissa Ione is one of my favorite authors when it comes to paranormal romance. She was my first. She has a great mix of love, hate, adventure and action. I remember in the first book of the Demonica Novel series there was a sex scene in the middle of a war. Hot Shit. She did a GREAT job of leading onto the next book. She had you gripping onto the sides of your seat and counting days until the release of the next book. I collected them for awhile. Had to recently purge some books so they reluctantly went, but I will collect them again soon. I digress. Each book had a twist, and you really had to pay attention otherwise you would miss something in the next book. I love how she has past characters in each of her books, even if they are not the focus. I remember in “Ecstasy Unveiled” she made a great transition into the next book. When I was reading “Sin Undone” (which was the next book) I was shocked when I made the connection to the prior book.

Then she switched it up on me. A Horseman of the Apocalypse made an appearance in “Sin Undone” which then set them off for a series of their own call “Lord of Deliverance”. Oh man, she is great. The last book I read was “Lethal Rider”, which is the third book in the LOD series. Next is “Rogue Rider” which concludes that series,  she then writes a book based on the Angels, going back to the “Demonica Novels”. I am excited to see what those books have in store because you hear of them regularly throughout all the other books.  Including the “Rogue Rider”, I am currently behind two books, and there is a third coming out in December of this year. I normally stay on top of her books but I got distracted by another series. Though I am known for reading two to three books at a time, all from different authors, so getting back on track won’t be a problem.

Larissa Ione is just one of my many favorite authors. Paranormal Romances is just one of my favorite genres. I read books to escape my world, most of the time. Because I know that the worlds I escape to are realistically not there, but it is fun to think they really are. Why would I want to read a book that is remotely true (other then for school or research purposes). To me that doesn’t make reading time fun. You wouldn’t read a potty training book to a two year old at bedtime would you? That doesn’t evoke fun dreams at all. So why should I read a normal romance novel, or a mystery novel. Don’t get me wrong, other people read them and enjoy them thoroughly, it’s just not my cup of tea. I do occasionally read something other then paranormal, just to mix things up or check out another author, but I faithfully always come back to my paranormal. Always.


So I ask you… what helps you escape the everyday throws of life? What author always captures your heart like a new found love?


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