My Goals for this Blog

Now in order to establish goals I have to figure out why I am writing my blog. So why am I?

  • To let other new moms/dads know that they are not alone in this game of life
  • To share my stories, experiences, likes and dislikes. So that others may know they are not alone.
  • To give myself a space that is my own, so that I may express myself and discover who I am as a new mom/person all over again.

I don’t really have an expectation of this blog. I just want people to read it. Laugh about it. Share with me their thoughts and ideas. To let someone else escape for awhile and think “wow, so I am not the only one who does that”. So if my blog where to exceed my wildest dreams then I would have loyal followers who contributed to the comments with thoughts, prayers, ideas and suggestions.

So with that being said my three goals would be as follows:

  1. To spend an hour each week reading my followers blogs. That way I can get to know them as well, and see their paths in life.
  2. To add a few features so my followers may understand a little more and take away an idea from my posts.
  3. To post at least three times a week for three months. So I may stay up to date and keep my followers entertained with fresh readings.

With my goals set I hope that I may gain more followers and keep the ones I have. As well as get insight on different subjects and ideas.

So to my loyal followers, thank you. And in the following weeks you will see some changes. Some might be huge, like adding pages, and others might be small, like changing the name of some of my tabs. To my new followers, welcome and I hope you enjoy reading and helping me through my journey.


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