For all the Step Moms out there, this is a book for you.

I want to share a book with all the step-moms out there. And anyone who might find this useful. I read a book in January called “101 Tips for the Smart Stepmom” by Laura Petherbridge.  I found it enlightening and comforting at the same time. So let me tell you about it.

Let me start by telling you a little about the author. A step mom herself, she has been married twice, with two stepsons. Both married and with children of their own now. She travels the world telling and counseling families on step-family life and how to cope with and thrive in it.  She has other books out like “When “I do” becomes “I don’t”: Practical steps for Healing during Separation and Divorce” and “The Smart Stepmom: Practical steps to help you thrive”.  And though she helps couples and single adults with topics on spiritual growth, relationships, marriage enhancement, and divorce recovery, she specializes in helping step-families and educating others on the going on’s of step family life. She did a great job of incorporating all of this in her book.

She starts out by explaining why step-family life is so hard. Throughout the book she gives tips, each one based on a problem a real step mom or family has. She hits on subjects like grieving the lose of a marriage and that every step family is based on lost. She then goes on to talk about helping your spouse through the ups and downs and how to get past certain guilt’s you may have and to find a place to rejuvenate yourself when things seem like there is no end. Throughout the book she gives tips on dealing with the “ex wife in-law”, being a full time step mom, and how much of a shock it can be to blend families.

The author does not make you feel like your alone, she makes you feel like others out there are having the same amount of troubles you are. It really made me feel at peace with myself. She generalizes a lot so it fits most situations and not just one group. She also gives a perspective from a stepchild’s view and a husbands view. Further letting step-moms know that we are not alone in this battle for peace. So I recommend you pick up this book and read it.  It will have you putting off the laundry a little longer, just to hear another tip on how to bring peace among a blended family.



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