Forming a Routine

Hey ya’ll, it is time for that two week update again. I have not weighed in yet cause I do that on the 6th of every month. But I can do some good reporting. Other then fighting off some sort of sickness this last week I have been doing pretty good. If I don’t get to the gym then I make sure I sweat while cleaning house, or I take the dog and walk up to my daughters bus stop after school. I have started a routine though to ensure I get a work out in.

Monday’s and Wednesday’s the Monster has swim lessons at our local YMCA. After his class I drop him off at the nursery (to ensure I get a good workout), and head to my fitness class. Even though I make some modifications (I can’t run) I have a ton of fun cause I am working out with other moms who are in the same boat. I have noticed a difference, I was not so sore after working out Monday compared to how I was when I got back into working out after the holidays. On top of my Monday and Wednesday workout I go to a water fitness class on Wednesday evenings with a family friend. I find it nice to have that hour all to myself. My goal is to start going at least once during the weekend, even if it is by myself. Also I want to start going at least for an hour on Friday. And if I don’t make it on Friday’s I want to get out of the house and make sure I am being active, like take the dog to the park or something.

As well as getting in a routine of working out I am starting to eat breakfast in the mornings. I am finding it a challenge to find different things to eat that are not only yummy but are nutritious as well. I don’t drink milk so it is hard, cause I know cereal can be a great choice. But I eat things like yogurt, hot cereal, the occasional bagel. I was eating toaster strudel for awhile but it was not keeping me full. I picked up some Eggo’s last week, so I am going to eat one with peanut butter with a yogurt on the side and see if that keeps me going for awhile. I am finding self control to be an issue as well when it comes to snacking or the other two meals. I am not sure if it has more to do with the timing of my monthly visitor and getting sick at the same time or if it just lack of self control, but I have not been to proud of myself. And it is more of how much I am eating versus what I am eating. Hopefully things will level out soon so I can get back to my schedule.

So things are looking up. I have no noticed a difference yet but I am sure it is there. So I am going to keep at it. Got a workout routine down, keeping pretty good at eating breakfast every morning, now I need to add lunch to that and see what happens. Instead of doing it all at once I am going to incorporate a little at a time. Oh, and lastly, I have been getting pretty good at recording my workouts and food. If I don’t get around the inputting information into MyFitnessPal then I make sure it is in my book as well. Sometimes I am ashamed of what I ate during the day so I just put it in my book and leave it at that.

All in all things aren’t going to bad. I do want to start seeing a difference, and for a monthly challenge next month I will be focusing on my core, so maybe some of the flab will go away. I know it will take time, and I have to keep telling myself that so I don’t get discouraged. Until the next time…. stay active!


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