Week 7 Update

I think I have finally settled on titles for my weekly updates. Since this is an ongoing thing I will just name these posts by the week. I am going to start posting updates on Wednesdays. Seems like a good day, right in the middle of the week. Let ya’ll know how the weekend went plus the plans for the rest of the week.

Well so far, not so great. Weighed in this morning at 201 pounds. Have not been that heavy since I was pregnant. I was 199 last week so I have gained a whole pound of emotional eating. All due to a funk and stress. You can read all about that in THIS post. But moving on.

I worked out twice last week, that I can actively remember. I didn’t walk last Thursday though cause we opted to go eat dinner with Hubby in his truck instead since he wasn’t coming home. I did however work out twice on Wednesday. I rode the expresso bike 5 miles, took 22 minutes but I did it. I hadn’t realized it had been so long since I got on it cause it took longer then it should have and my knees where really sore afterward. Then that evening I went to a swim class with a couple friends and worked out there for an hour. I was not very active during the weekend or on Monday. But yesterday I did 3 hours of house cleaning and sweated pretty good so I am going to chalk that up to a work out.

Today is Monster’s swim class and afterward I go to do my own workout. I have a lot of laundry to do so I have not decided if I want to go to class or get on the bike again. Guess I will decide once we are done. Also depends on how tired Monster is. This morning I am eating one Eggo with peanut butter on top with a side of Slim tea and peach yogurt. Tonight I wont be able to go swim cause I have a PTSA meeting that I need to go to. So I am going to try and take Monster and Zoey out for a walk.

Over the last week I have realized that when I work out, instead of eating the added calories I need to eat half of it. So if I workout and burn 150 calories, instead of eating 150 calories I should eat a 75 calorie snack. Maybe that will help my lack of losing weight. It is all a challenge, and when one thing doesn’t work then I try another method.

I am almost done typing up my fitness binder, the next step would be to organize it all then put it in the binder. This way I can workout at home without feeling lost. Or I can take it places with me and workout there, like the park or my grandparents house.

It is a long road, and with help and determination I will travel nicely. I just need to keep reminding myself why I am doing this. And I am doing this for myself and for my family. Also, if I can motivate some moms along the way then that is an added bonus.

Well, off to eat breakfast and watch cartoons with my little Monster.


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