Week 8 Update

I am very ashamed of myself lately.  Since I last did an update things have gone down hill. I weighed in at 200 pounds this morning. That is going in the opposite direction. I have not worked out in a week. Things have been very stressful around our house.

I am preparing to go back to school. And along with that comes getting financial aide, registering for classes, trying to figure out how the military can help with school, getting money for books, and the most important problem, finding childcare for Monster.  Childcare is super expensive most places. So this is all very stressful. Add normal life and house issues and we have a recipe for disaster.

I will admit that I have been out of control with eating. I have been eating out a lot, eating junk food and not doing anything to lose weight. Though during small spurts where I am not feeling stressed I am on top of what I am eating.

I just wish there was a way I can relieve stress without eating. I am hoping that once school starts, Monster has childcare, and I have got my books that things will level out a little and I can get things more under control. But for now I am going to get back in the habit of working out. And when I go to eat something I am going to try and find healthier things to munch on.

So that is my update for the week. Gained weight. Have not worked out, and feeling ashamed for all of it. Hopefully next week will be a better update.


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