A New Chapter

I have been sitting here for the last ten minutes trying to write. I feel the need to write but I am not sure what about. I have tried twice to write how I am going back to school in an exciting way. Both times it didn’t feel right, not exciting enough. But there it is… I am going back to school to get my Associates in Business. I am very excited and can’t wait. There are a few obstacles in the way but I can work through it all.

Some obstacles include finding childcare for Monster and paying for books. Finding childcare is proving to be more challenging cause we are living off of one income and I won’t be getting enough from the military during the month to pay daycare. I am also picky about where I am going to send him. I prefer an in-home daycare. They just feel more homey and there are less kids. I should be able to pay for books with the military money, so I am not to worried about that.

What I am worried about is finding time to study. I am taking three classes this quarter. That is a full load. My classes are Math, English, and Human Development. My English class is online so that helps out. I can always work while Monster is napping or early in the morning. But I still have two classes on campus. Math has never been my strong suit so I am going to have to study all the time. And sometimes Monster doesn’t allow me to do much of anything during the day cause he wants my attention.

I am even going to go to school during the summer time. That way I can get my degree within two years. School during the summer time is going to be the real challenge. But hey I am up for it all. Especially if it all is going to lead my family into a better life. With hard work, determination and support I can succeed.

Here is to a new chapter for me and for my family.  Stay Tuned…


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