The Black Eyed Peas – “Where is the Love?”

As I watch this video I remember crying when I listened to it the first time. And everytime I hear this song it makes me sad. Where has the world gone. It is much worse from when I was 12. I would have been able to go and and hang with friends without the overwhelming fear of getting snatched. Or I could go to school and not worry about whether the school was going to be shot up or anything.

But now it is different. When my oldest wants to go hang out with friends I have this paralyzing fear when she doesn’t check in or what could happen so I prevent her from leaving the house. And now that I have Monster it terrifies me of the world he growing up in. How is the world going to be in ten years? Is it to late to get back to our roots? Where we could leave our doors unlocked and neighbors just walk right in? Or where we could send our kids out past dark and know that they are going to make it home safe?

I just pray that my children survive this world. So the question of the decade is… where is the love?

The Black Eyed Peas – “Where is the Love?” ft. Justin Timberlake – YouTube.


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