Weeks 9 – 11 Update

Been a whirl wind of a time during the last couple weeks. I weighed in at 201 pounds during week 9. Then during week 10 I worked out three times. Mainly on the stationary bike doing an average of 4.4 miles. Then week 11 I weighed myself. Really afraid of what the scale would say because even though I worked out I had not really watched what I ate. I was shocked to see that the scale said 198. Which means that I lost THREE pounds. I could not believe it. Just imagine how much I would have lost if I had controlled what I was eating better.

Working out has been going pretty good. After Monster’s swim class I drop him off at the nursery and go do my workout. Which consisted of doing a ride on the stationary bike. I want to incorporate more but for now I like doing the bike. I have not been going to my Stroller Fitness class cause for some reason I have not felt like working out with other people. Not sure where that stems from but at least I am working out. Once I get my Fitness Binder done then I will be able to workout with a routine in mind, and still be able to keep it fresh.

Speaking of my binder. I have finished typing and printing everything. Now I am just designing the pages. Going pretty cool. I just need to locate my magazine clippings so I can put those in as well.

Over all things are going great. In April I am going to start keeping measurements so I can see my progress not only on the scale but in the numbers. I think it will be a great motivator.

I am so excited for this journey, only great things can come from here. I honestly can say that I can’t wait to see what the scale has to say this Saturday. Soon I will be getting the ingredients together to start a detox drink. So stay tuned for what is next.


One Reply to “Weeks 9 – 11 Update”

  1. It is good to hear that you are trying to live healthy and to loose some weight! It is always easier to achieve goal if you are nice to yourself when you make some mistakes while you are trying to get where you want to be. Just take it easy. Be nice to yourself and give some credits for things you have already achieved! Do not beat yourself up for small mistakes,just acknowledge it, accept it and let it go 🙂 You can move as slow as it is necessary toward your goal just do not stand still ! Best of luck to get where you want to be!

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