Another Milestone

It is official. My oldest daughter has a boyfriend. I don’t even think she realized it happened either. When I think about it, well I am not sure how to think of it. It is just so weird. I thought for sure she would not be interested in boys until she was at least in the eighth grade. But here she is in the sixth grade and with a boyfriend.

Her father and I never really discussed boyfriends. He didn’t really want to. Guess we will have to now. But how do we talk about. If we tell her she can’t then she will have secret boyfriends (like I did at her age). If we tell her she can have boyfriends then how do we work that out? Which parent stands on the sidelines during a date, us of them?

I don’t even want to think about her kissing another boy. Though at her age I wasn’t kissing boys, that part was still weird. If there was any kissing then it was done on the cheek cause we were to shy to do it on the lips. But just the thought of her thinking about kissing boys makes me nervous. I can honestly say that this part of parenting has me stump. I have no idea how to proceed. Which alone is weird for me.

See this is another reason why we need our own place. Because then she can bring her boyfriends home and I could keep an eye on her, or send one of her siblings in to do the job for me. I realize I am rambling and I appreciate you hanging in there while I go through my mini melt down. I am just not ready for this. I am not ready for her heart to be broken by a boy.

Guess my next step should be to sit down with my husband and write down some rules for having a boyfriend (like curfew and keeping up grades). Then sit her down and lay it all out for her. Now I am aware that she might have a different boyfriend every month. And I am sure that after a few boyfriends this whole concept won’t be so weird for me. But in the meanwhile? Not sure, like I am seriously stumped. My parents didn’t allow me to date at this age. And I “snuck” behind them to have boyfriends. But this is a totally different time. Guess we will have to wonder the road on this one to see where it takes us… okay, I think my melt down is done for now. Until next time… ME!


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