Week 12 Update

This last week was not to bad. But like all weeks I could have gotten to the gym a lot more. My oldest had three appointments on Monday so I got my steps in for the day and then some. Yesterday was shopping day so I efficiently got steps in as well. Still it does not make up for all the sweat dripping off my body during a five mile ride on the stationary bike. Or the slight leg burn from jump/walking from one side of the pool to the other with my Monster swimming. Today though I am headed to the gym for Monsters swim class (I think it is the last day) and I am going to do a workout after. I have not decided if I am going to join my old class or if I am going to continue to enjoy working out on my own. I have been mostly working out on my own though.

Why? Because lately when I am in class I am not at the “level” that I believe I should be for how long I have been there. Most times it is like I am the new mom in class, and even then it is hard to keep up. I am not sure if it is because I see the other moms and I am unmotivated, or if its because I feel my body being fragile and I am afraid to hurt myself if I go to hard. So I opted to try working out on my own. I have been doing the stationary bike for about two months now. Most days I see a difference in how long it takes me to finish, other days I take my time. Meaning I go hard, I just don’t go so hard that I feel like my lungs are going to explode. My goal for the bike is to be able to do five miles in fifteen minutes. Currently it is taking me twenty one minutes, so I have six minutes to shave off. And if I keep at it then I know I will succeed.

Working out has never been my strong suit so this is all new to me. But I am finding out that working out makes me tired, but it also makes me feel energized. I am also coming around to not minding all the sweat. Cause now if I sweat I know I had a good workout, now I just need to get in the habit of showering when I get home so the sweat doesn’t stay. Thankfully I have not started stinking after a workout, but I workout after swim so I radiate chlorine, which sometimes can be just as bad.

Once I have a workout regime in place I am going to start focusing on myself as a body. I know that sounds weird cause working out is doing  the same thing. But I am talking about my skin. Working out is fine and all, but it is not going to get rid of my dry skin. Or lotion me up after a shower or day in the pool. No, I am talking about making my skin better. Finding lotions that will work for me. A face mask I can use once a week to help my skin get healthy. Now my skin is not that bad, I don’t look like lizard mans wife. I just have dry flaky skin, I use a wash cloth to scrub it off but I tend to forget to lotion up when I am done. Some of the personal care issues are because of my living space, we don’t get a lot of space in the bathroom so I have to go upstairs to my room to do it. Problem is, Monster is almost always in bed when I get in the shower and I don’t think my kids would appreciate if they found me naked in the living-room lotioning my body. We don’t want to add that to the list of issues they discuss with their therapist as adults.

I did gain a pound back. But if I look at my numbers from two weeks ago then I probably gained less then a pound. Which I am confident I am going to lose this next week because I am motivated to get out of the house and to the gym so I can get fit.

I do have some good news, well good for me. I finally got my FitBit Flex. I bracelet that will track my steps, sleeping habits, how active I am during the day and so forth. I have had it for about three days and I LOVE it. I have not used it at the gym yet but I can’t wait to. At first I thought I was going to have issues cause I was never a watch or bracelet wearer but surprisingly it has been fine. The only time I have an issue is at night, mostly because I sleep with my arm under the pillow, but everything else is fine. it says it is water proof so I can swim with it, but I am not going to test that out. No thank you. I will just take it off when swimming and showering. Going to be tough during summer cause I go into the water a lot just to stay cool. But all is worth it cause I don’t want to chance damaging it.

On top of working out and getting my FitBit I have been better about what I eat. In fact, I don’t recall having any pizza this last seven days. Which is a feat in itself. I have been cooking a lot more. Mostly pork chops and chicken. Occasionally some hamburger. So that is good. I know I need to incorporate foods that are not only good for me but will also fill me up during lunch. I tried snacking six times a day but I found I was getting out of control and would end up eating more, so now I eat breakfast and dinner with a snack or two in between. Unless I sit down and eat a lunch. Then there is no snacking. But it all depends on what I am doing that day. I also found that I need to start keeping a fulfilling snack in the Jeepster so when I am out and about I can eat that snack instead of stopping by the nearest fast food joint. Fast food is still a problem but I know there are ways to eat healthy when I am on the go. I just need to pay attention and utilize what I know.

So all in all it was not to bad. I wish I could tell you that I lost five pounds and my skin is clear and my hair is beautiful. But none of that is honest. The whole point to this is to be honest and share all my struggles and wins with my journey to being fit again. So that maybe other moms know that they are not alone out there, that there is another mom who is struggling to get healthy again and juggle everything that life and their family throws at them. So keep at it ladies, we will all get there in our own time, as long as we stick with it and keep a goal in front of us. Until next time… ME!


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