Getting Old

Getting old is inevitable, it happens to everyone. But have you ever noticed how some take it like a champ. Like when their doctors say something else is wrong with them they just take it in stride. They figure out how to handle it and what the next steps are. They rarely show any pain and if they could they would shield their problems from loved one. I have been wondering why that is lately. And I think I have an idea of why some do that. This is just a theory though, so don’t go badgering your grandma to talk.

As we grow up we hear stories about our families childhoods. So often we hear “when I was your age”. But have you ever listened to the story that follows? Some of it can be heartbreaking, so we tune it out so we can’t fathom that our elders had a rough life. Cause they are suppose to be the rock our families were built on, right? What we tend to ignore is that they used to be young. That all the lessons they teach us are the ones they learned the hard way.

And in some cases we learn that our grandparents, aunts and uncles used to be someone totally different. Whether that be abusive, drug addict or alcoholic. During their journey they recover, if they are lucky and want to. So as we sit and listen to the “when I was your age” stories and watch as they suffer in pain silently… don’t you wonder if maybe they suffer because deep down they think that they deserve it. That they caused so much pain in their lifetime that it is their retribution for it all?


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