Week 14 Update

Things have been going pretty well. I have not lost any weight, though I am balancing in the 199 area. I always weigh myself at the same time every week so I get good results. In the morning, before eating, and after my morning potty trip. My eating habits have been good. Not a whole lot of junk food or fast food. Could have been better about the candy but it was Easter and I didn’t go over board. But now that school has started I know that snacking is going to increase and the actual sitting and eating routine will decrease cause of stress. Over all though, it has been good.

This week I start my workout regime again. I will be going to the gym after class twice a week. Monster has swim Tuesday’s so after class I will be working out by myself while he is in the nursery. Then on Thursday a group of us get together and walk at the mall so of course there will be that. And now that the weather is nicer I will be doing a lot of yard work, which is a workout in itself. So good things are ahead. And I have this idea that when I feel a little blocked with homework or I am stumped, I am going to take Monster and our dog for a walk. Just a short one. But it gets us all out of the house and enjoying the sun. I am also going to do some homework outside so Monster doesn’t feel so coupe up.

I feel like I am in a good place right now. Both mentally and spiritually. I know that there are a lot of good things in store for my family and I am excited to see what they are. I am not sure if it is because all the pieces are falling into place or if it just a change in the weather but I feel like a whole new person.

Oh, before I go… I know that part of getting in shape is giving things up. Most people it is carbs, or breads, or coffee. For me it is going to be candy. I love candy, I could eat it all the time. But I know it is not going to be beneficial to me in the long run. I am also not going to go cold turkey, I am going to ease myself into it. And even then I am not giving it up entirely. Sometimes you need that snickers pick me up. My plan is to ease myself into not eating it all the time. Just enjoy a candy bar here and there, maybe once a week. Or use it as a treat, so when the kids grab a bag of chips from the store I can grab a Snickers or something. I know that dramatically decreasing the amount the amount of candy I eat will help. And once I get that under control I will add something else to it, unfortunately that will be Red Bulls, but in all honesty I don’t drink them very often anyway.

Good things are happening, and I am excited. I just need to stick to the path I am on and I know great things will continue to come our way. Maybe this is my year. Until then… ME!


One Reply to “Week 14 Update”

  1. Congrats on coming up with a plan you can approach realistically. You can always modify or add to it as you go. Makes me happy to hear you feeling very positive. I wish you well with your great year. 😄

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