New Beginnings

First off, I want to say I am sorry to my readers. I have not posted anything in quite awhile.  But I have good reason behind it all. And before I explain why, secondly I have missed writing so much I am determined to make things right and post more often.

Now to explain where I have been… I started school back in March. I am on the road to get my Associates in Business. That alone has taken up a lot of my time. But I am doing good in my studies and will be glad when school resumes soon. As well as school, my kids have been growing like weeds. We have a full blown teenager in our midst. My son is in his terrible two, and doing amazing in swim class. Our middle daughter has started middle school and loves it, she seems to be in her element. And as for my husband, well he started a new job back in April and he is enjoying it, back to doing what he knows best. So our family is doing well, and I hope this coming year will bring lots of joy for us because I have lots in store.

One major project is my blog, it is something I used to enjoy doing. Sharing my stories so others don’t feel like they are in this alone. Posting music that means something to me and makes me get up and dance. And letting you guys know what good books are out so I can share the love of reading with my readers. And I want to get back to that.

So here is my plan… I am going to post music every Friday (My Life in Music), a new book twice a month, recipes at least three times a month, my path to getting skinny and of course the stories I get from raising my family and living life.  So not much will change, but I will be doing some revamping and really making this blog reflect who I am as a person. And I can gladly say that during the time I have been away I have found out a little more about myself. So stay tuned and please bare with me, life is ever so busy.


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