A Rough Outline

Ok so as one of my plans for this year I want to keep up with my blog. That means making myself a schedule and trying to keep to it. I am tired of setting goals and not reaching them because I have set my own standards to high. So as part of this plan, I am learning my own limits and starting small. And this is where the blog comes in. The following is a rough outline of what I want to do with my blog, I am still working some kinks out but this is basically what is going to happen.

Mondays: Book Reviews. I have read quite a few books over the last couple months, and I am going to share those with you. Not only am I going to post about books I love to read (paranormal romance) but also on books that I find interesting, or that maybe I tried to read but for some reason I can’t get into them. If any of my readers have suggestions on books and authors I will gladly take them. I read on my Kindle as well as the old fashioned paper book.

Tuesdays and Saturdays: These are my fitness days. I am going to post pictures and my progress. And this is also where I am going to post about the progress I am making in a book I am reading that will hopefully help with my biggest issue… overeating.  I have accepted that it is my biggest problem and now I am ready to overcome it and be healthy.

Wednesday and Sunday: These are going to be my off days. Unless I have something I want to share, like a funny story or memory about my kids.

Thursday: This is a new section. I am going to share my journey as a college student and a mom. So far it has been an amazing journey but I will have a year and a half and a lot of classes to get out of the way. And life does not stop just because I am going to school. Kids still have things to do, family functions come up all the time and the bills don’t pay themselves. Not to mention that the house doesn’t clean itself either. So this is a new section, temporary because school will end and I will start my career in the next three years. It is part of my goal, to share with others that they are not alone in what they do in the world.

Friday: Maybe my favorite day for my blog. Music. I LOVE music, listen to it every chance I get. So I share my music and give a little reason why I chose to put it on my playlist.

There you have it. A little of what I want to do with my blog. Seems like a lot but I really feel like I can do it. I am not perfect and I know I will fall behind, but I am going to try and not be hard on myself because I know I have a lot going on in my life as it is. But I have been struggling to find something I can do that is all my own… and blogging is it. So please stay tuned for the journey that is to come, and please bare with me… life gets busy with three kids and a husband.




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