Almost a Week in…

Howdy everyone, I hope you all had a nice and safe New Years filled with joy and fun. I sure did. I had a relaxing night at my mom’s with my brother and his family. Then after midnight my husband and my step dad took the kids outside to light off some small fireworks. Even my two year old made it until after midnight. Now here we are almost a full week into 2016, hope that has gone pretty well too. Mine has not been too bad. My oldest went back to school and Winter quarter started at my college, my entire routine is being turned around but the groove we are getting into is a good one. So no big complaints. I enjoy going to school and I am glad it has resumed again. I just hope I do well this quarter, because I was not satisfied with the last.

With that being said I will get to the point of my post this morning. Every year people make resolutions, and we tend not to keep them for very long. I am not here to make a long list of things I plan to do but will never actually do. I am not here to bore you with a list of things I want to change. What am I here to do? Well, that is quite simple.

I am here to tell you what I am going to do this year. Not only for my blog but for my life as well. I really feel like 2016 is going to be my year. And I don’t have a long list of things I want to do or change. In fact, I only have three. Now, I thought long and hard about these over the week, I thought about what I really wanted out of this year and how I plan on getting there. The plans are not really new, just revamped and hopefully in a capacity that I can achieve instead of over filling my plate, something I am good at doing but don’t like that I do. What follows are the three things I have planned for this year. And this year I have the motivation to do so and keep myself accountable. So please join me in my journey and discover new things with me.

Three things I plan on doing in the year 2016:

  1. I plan on keeping with up my blog. This means that I will post regularly. I am going to spend at least three days a week on it. This weekend I am going to sit down with my calendar and map out everything I am going to post about for the next three months. It is important to me to do this because I love to write and I love to share information with people. I am going to write about the things I like… music, books, my children and funny little things that I come across. Another post will have a rough outline of when to expect different posts.
  2. I plan on finding more happiness. This part I am going to do as I go. Because what makes me happy is different each day or even each week. This week it is school and being able to get everything done on my to do list. But this year I am determined to be a happy person versus the downer I felt I was last year. And the last one is…
  3. I plan on getting healthy. This has been a huge issue for me since I got out of basic. And over the years it has gotten worse. After Monster was born it made me hit a real low. So I am going to come clean about it all and work on getting healthier. And I am doing it for me, no one else. I am seriously tired of not loving my body, in fact I don’t even like my body. So I am coming up with a plan to change it all. I am currently reading a book that will hopefully help me. I will elaborate more on that in a different post.

So that is my plan. The three things that are important to me this year. AI pray that I can keep up with it, because it would be nice to continue to follow through with things. I hope that you will join me in my journey and help me along the way with suggestions and feedback, both are welcome.

So here is to a New Year, and though I am the same now as I was last year, I hope and pray that I am different at the end of this one. I want to share my love of interests with the world, I want to be happy and most of all… I want to learn to love my body again (and not just the color of my eyes). Until next time… ME!


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