A New Journey

This segment is new. Exactly a year ago I got accepted to our local community college. The plan is to get my Associates in Business. By the time Monster is in school I should be done with my degree. Then I can start my career and not really worry about child care. But… it is a long process to get there. So far I am about a year in. I have gotten all my pre-college level classes out of the way. And now all the classes I am taking counts towards my degree.

I chose to go with the Business program because I like the field. I like to make sure the paperwork is turned in and completed. I like the thought of being in charge of people. I know there are plenty of roads I can take in the field of business and I am currently still exploring those. So far I like Human Resources and Executive Secretary.

The goal of this segment is to share my journey with you. The struggles, frustrations and triumphs. To let other stay at home parents know that it is possible. I rely solely on friends and family to help watch Monster, and I am so lucky to have my mother live close enough that she can help out when I need it. I struggle to find quiet areas to do my homework and study. And I take three classes every quarter. One of the things that keep me at it is that I know that the end result will be worth it. I will be able to help support my family in a new way.

So I am going to share it all with you, to let you know that if I can do it so can you. It is hard but you have to find something that helps you along the road. I clean house, cooks meals, do laundry, take Monster to swim, pay the bills and still find time to do the grocery shopping. All while still being a wife and figuring out who I am. All that and going to college full time. Join me on my journey, laugh with me, cry with me and scream with me. It will be a wild ride. So stay tuned!


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