“Witch & Wizard” By James Patterson

I want to start off by saying this book was amazing. It kept me engaged and wanting more. There were twists and turns at every page. It starts off with two teenage sibling who get thrown into this world they had no idea about. Thrown into a situation they couldn’t begin to dream would ever happen to them. And in the midst of trying to protect them their parents put them in danger. But they don’t let that stop them. They grapple for what they believe in and then once they find footing they are after it. The book ends with us wanting more.

The siblings, Wisty and Whit, find out that they are a witch and wizard. And this new foe comes along wanting to make the world the same. No fun, creativity, nothing, just wants the world grey and to do what he thinks is right. Of course, every villain has an ulterior motive. He wants the teenagers magic. He wants to wipe all the kids from the earth and take their energy.  But once Whit and Wisty’s parents are taken away they decide to fight. To fight for the kids and to fight to get their parents back. We follow them on a journey that takes courage and a strong gut. You feel what they feel and you get angry and sad with them.

I encourage anyone who likes adventure to read this book. It is a series and I am in the process of reading the second book in this installment called Fire. I strongly recommend this book to anyone. You can find it in the Young Adults section or your library. Sure it is geared more towards teens but that should not matter. So go ahead, read it, and let me know what you think about it.


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