Slow Quarter

Oh man, I feel like this quarter is so slow. I am not complaining too much but WOW. I am used to have so much homework on the second week of classes, and I currently only have four. Two for Math, and one each for Communications and Excel. I am not used to it and I am finding it hard to get motivated to do it because they are not due till the end of this week. I am hoping that it picks up as the weeks go on.

As for homelife, well that is going alright. My husband brought up the idea that I get a part time job and still go to school and still do everything at home. I laughed at him and said not until the rest of the household steps up and helps without me yelling or begging. He didn’t want to do that. So I am looking for house cleaning jobs so I can bring in a little money, even if it is just to pay for books.

Overall it is all going good. I have one project in Math that we are suppose to be working on since my teacher is out this week. I will admit that I have not looked it yet but I have been reading about Communications. My Excel class meets once a week so that has been really easy. I have kind of looked at the program we will be working with and it hurts my brain, we have class every Thursday so I will ask some questions when we meet next. Communications has got to be my easiest class. We have 2-3 readings every week with a discussion board, then on Sunday’s we are suppose to take a test on what we read. I know we have one group project and one formal paper we have to do, so I am excited to see what is in store.

I am going to keep on trucking forward and doing the best I can. Even though there hasn’t been any hiccups yet I know they are sure to come, especially when we start moving. So that is why I am going to find my motivation and get as far ahead in my classes as I can. So stay tuned… until then… ME!


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