“Messenger” by Lois Lowry

“Messenger” by Lois Lowry is the third installment in a series of books. The first being “Giver” and the last being “Son”.  It is an amazing series, I have read the first book at least four times. But this is about “Messenger”.  This story follows a little boy from the second book (Gathering Blue).  Maddy, the boy who always had mud on his face, finds his way to a village where he makes a life for himself by helping out the old man who is blind, which turns out to be Keira’s father (sorry that is a spoiler alert).  This is a sorry about his journey, how he found his power and how he saved his village.

It can and will be heart wrenching. We watch as Maddy yearns for the love of a girl, how he struggles with this new found power he has but doesn’t know how to deal with it. Then we watch as he goes on his greatest adventure ever. He goes through the Forest to collect Keira because he can feel that the Forest is closing and the Village has decided they are closing their gates to any newcomers, so they have to get her before time runs out.

During their journey we read what happens to them. How the Forest is fighting them and trying to kill them.  Towards the end of his journey we see a miracle happen, and that is as much as I will tell you because I don’t want to give up the best part of the book.

I encourage you to read this series. The author spun everything together so eloquently that is fits like a glove. It is not obvious at first but when you make the connections it makes the books even that much better. You could read the books out of order but when it gets to the parts where the author weaves the stories together then it might not make sense. So read the books, enjoy the stories, and then tell me what you think of them. Stay tuned for me next book review… until then… ME!


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