Squats Galore

I have done squat challenges before, but none have been like the one I am doing now. I am doing the challenge on an application called “30 Day Fit”, you can find it in any google play store. I am not sure about Apple so if anyone looks it up let me know so I can spread the word.

Well this challenge has been really interesting. It started me out with 30 squats, no big deal, though I was a little winded when I was done. The next couple days where 50, 75 and 60. Then it was the first “rest day”.  No big deal, not a huge difference. Then came day six, since then the squats have been kind of weird. I went from 60 to 90 then all the way down to 45. Such a huge jump. I am wondering why they aren’t keeping to a pattern. The might be and I just don’t see it yet. Or maybe it is a method I am not familiar with. Either way it has been beneficial.

In the beginning I was really winded and sweat a lot by just doing the few I had. And as I progress I find that I am not as winded. I can now do 50 squats without cramping or stopping. I am proud of that accomplishment. And I have been feeling the benefits because my thighs feel firmer and less squishy, I can’t wait to see a physical difference. There are also different challenges on the application. Including Abs, Bodyweight and Push Ups. Once this first challenge is over I am going to try some of the others, then I might add a couple together. I could get a workout without even leaving the house.

I can’t wait to see what is up next. I know that today is 45 squats, not sure what tomorrow will be because it doesn’t unlock until you have unmarked the current day. I have found that having the application helps me keep myself accountable and I can see the progress I am making and what day I am on.

This week my goal is to read some of the fitness book I have then report to you guys a little about what I have read. Sort of like a book report. Just need to carve out the time do so. So stay tuned… until then… ME!


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