An Interesting Week

Wow, been so busy this week I almost forgot to write my update. Man oh man, I finally got all my homework done for the night. School is starting to pick up. I feel like I am falling behind in math because he hasn’t really taught us anything and we have a quiz tomorrow, which I totally feel unprepared for.  He has mostly told us how to work Excel, and he repeats himself a lot or he will over explain something and I will feel totally lost. We turn in our first project tomorrow. Which I should probably do before heading to bed. I think I did a good job. We had to take an equation and plot the points on a graph using Excel. We turn it in electronically, so while I am cramming for the quiz I guess I can turn in the project at the same time. Though I will admit that I got my first zero on an assignment. I could have sworn that the first homework was due the 21st, when in fact it was due the 15th. And he won’t let me do it and turn it in. So I really need to find my footing and get things in gear. I cannot flunk this class. Way too much is riding on it.

My computer class is going well. At first I was afraid I was going to have issues because of the way they were explaining the program we are using. Ends up that I am not having so many issues as everyone else. And I am kind of a natural. Our teacher told us today that if we get ALL the work done for the quarter that we won’t have to come in anymore. I am tempted to do that.

Communication Studies is my favorite class at the moment. It is not as difficult as I thought but I need to be more aware of my time management because the readings are getting longer so it is requiring more time to do the work, which is why I am up so late. But I enjoy the class, and not just because it is online.

So overall things are fine. I am sure I will find my footing in math soon enough, just need to carve out the time to look over all the coursework so I know what to expect. And I sure I will continue to rock my computer course if I stay on top of it all. Though I am missing out on spending time with my husband. He gets so bored watching me do homework that he goes to bed the same time the kids do now. Also, I don’t have a dedicated study spot so if I don’t get up before Monster in the morning to do schoolwork then I tend to do it after he goes to bed at 9pm. We are moving into our new house next weekend so hopefully I can set up a study place soon. I know that if I had somewhere to always sit then I wouldn’t always be in the way and could probably study better. But such is life, got to take the quiet time where I can get it.

Well, it is after midnight, which means I am a day late for this post, and it is getting harder to keep my eyes open. So I am going to end it here. Long weekend ahead of me, all consisting of packing boxes and getting caught up and ahead for next week. So stay tuned… until next time… ME!


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