“We are not on a diet; we are on a journey to well-being”

Alright, so I told you that the squats are really kicking my thighs. And it has not stopped at all, right after Tuesday’s post the program had me do 120 squats. WOW, it seemed like a lot, but I found that it wasn’t that hard. I was able to do about 94 squats before I had to slow breath.  I didn’t want to stop because I was afraid I would lose momentum. It has been a wild ride with this squat challenge. I can feel my thighs getting tighter and the more I do them the longer I can do them. Once this challenge is done I will be starting on another. I like that there are different levels to the challenges, that way when you feel like your body is ready you can step it up and really get a workout. And with the different types (bodyweight and arms to name a few) I can make a short workout out of them everyday, even if I don’t get to the gym. Well, on top of doing the challenge I have been reading a book about healthy lifestyles.

I touched on it a little bit at the beginning of this year, but now I am going to really touch on it. The book is called “Eat it Later: Mastering Self Control & The Slimming Power of Postponement” written by Michael Alvear. So far this book has been slow going but also informative. It is about a new idea of weight loss. Instead of going on a diet and then stopping then starting it all over again it is about a lifestyle change. Of course you still want to workout and be healthy but you don’t have to starve yourself to do so. The author says it is a little like a twelve step program, it is self gratification and being able to reduce the amount you eat without triggering your body’s fight or flight response when you cut foods out of your diet.

At first I was not sure how this was going to work. But once I read through the introduction and the instruction part I started to understand. Especially when the author told of his story on how he went from eating 16 Oreos in a sitting to 3. Now I don’t want to give away the whole book because I want to encourage you to read it too. I started reading it because my mom found it on a website she goes to regularly (www.bookbub.com, you can get a lot of good books and deals). She thought I would like to look at it because I have always struggled with portion sizes and what I eat. So the point in me telling you about the book is to let you know what I take from it and how it works for me. And to encourage you to give it a try because you never know, it could impact your life as well.

The reading has been slow going because I have a full course load at school and we are preparing to move into our new home.  But I read when I can, and what I have read so far is very informative and I am willing and excited to try it. The author stresses that this is not a diet, it is a journey to well-being. You’re not changing what you’re eating, but rather how much and how often. The major part of all this is that you are not doing it all at once, you are doing it over time. No set time either. Example; the author went from eating 16 oreos to 14, then once that felt like the new normal and his body was used to it he went down to 12.

He kept at this until he hit 8, that is when his body started to panic, wanting more. So his friend, who was helping him in this process, told him to go back up to 8 and go down by 1 when his body was ready. It is all about what works best for you, you have to really listen to your body and what it is telling you. There is an excerpt in the book that really explains it. I read the book on my Kindle so I can’t really tell you the page number but I found it useful so I want to share it; ” Psychologists have labels for this process: ‘Systematic desensitization’ and ‘habituation’. You make tiny reductions that the body can’t react to (desensitization). You let your body acclimatize to the reduced level for a while (habituation). Once the reduced level becomes the body’s “new norm” you start another round of reductions. You keep doing this until you hit your target. And by the time you hit your target your body doesn’t know what hit it.”

Basically that is the gist, in fancier terms. When I read that I thought at first that it would be impossible, but when I thought about it, well it started to make sense. Eventually you will do it and not even realize it. First you have to think of what your problem food is. Is it to many Oreo’s? Chips? Sodas? Then you work from there. I am still on that part. I have no pinpointed what the issue is because honestly it’s all food. But I am going to think on it some more while I read the rest of chapter two.

This week was not so bad, but I know I can be better, both in my food choices and in getting active. So stay tuned… until then… ME!



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