Good Morning my faithful readers. I know I have not posted anything in almost a month. There is a good reason for that! We just bought a new house! Our very first one! So there has been a lot of unpacking boxes, washing dishes that have been in boxes and of course trying to cram in homework and study time. So of course, as you can tell, there hasn’t been much time for anything else. Even my workout routine and reading have been put on hold. But as things settle down and we get into our groove I will be able to post more. Because I sure have missed my usual routine. Writing gives me an escape, just as reading does.

But back to the subject of cramming in school work. Math is doing alright, I got a good grade on my project and I haven’t done to bad on my test/quizzes. Although we took a test yesterday that I don’t feel confident about, hopefully we will find out the results soon. Other than that I have made a friend of sorts in class. We sit together in the common area and help each other with math problems from the homework, and complain about the teacher. It is nice to have someone to consult with on homeworks, I have been doing better at them cause I have a “study buddy”. She is also on the Business Degree track so I might see her some more down the road. So I can say that math class is not too bad.

My computer class is another story though. I missed the day we started moving, well because we were moving. But I have not been able to sit down and do the assignments, so when I go into class to do the end of chapter projects I feel lost. And I still have not had the time to do the project I missed. I need to set aside a whole day where I can focus on that class, because all our assignments are due in exactly a month from today. So I really need to get on it. It would really suck if I failed an easy class.

Intro to Communications is not going bad, nor is it going good. It is just in between. I turned in our one formal paper. Now I am just waiting to hear back. During the peer review my classmates liked it, but it is ultimately up to the teacher on how it is. I am hoping for the best. The challenge I am finding with this class is our group project, the reason being is… it is a full online class. So I am having to communicate through emails with my group and it is proving difficult cause none of us are really clear on what we are suppose to do. Overall though it is not too bad. Just have to stay on top of my homework and due dates.

As you can see school itself is not sa bad. But when I come home it is proving to be difficult to get homework done because I am stuck between unpacking boxes and doing homework. Both need to be done but it is hard to choose. It is also becoming increasingly hard to find time to study because Monster won’t leave my side and it takes so long to pick him up after class that by the time we get home it is time to cook dinner. For awhile I was trying to get up with my husband so I could spend a few hours unpacking, but because I stay up late to do homework (after everyone falls asleep), I tend to sleep right through him getting up for the day. SO not only do I miss out on unpacking boxes but I also miss out on having alone time with my husband.

I know I know, it sounds like I a complaining, and I kind of am. But I know that things will settle down soon enough and I will find my groove in things. I had a good routine going before we moved, not I just need to adjust and charge on. Maybe I can escape to the BEC Center one saturday and really get some stuff done  They are open for a couple hours so I can get homework done and get help if needed. It might just be what I need, now it is figuring out which weekend will work… before the quarter ends.

And speaking of which, I get to register for Spring classes tomorrow. Thankfully I am meeting with my new advisor. That way we can make sure I am on the right track and not taking classes I don’t need. Because I want/need to graduate in a year and a half. But with all the being said I need to get back to the grind with home life. Stay tuned because there is more to come!


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