My loyal readers, I am sorry (once again) for going MIA. I have been busy unpacking boxes and going to school. But as of yesterday I unpacked the last box for the house. Now it is just making sure everything is in its place, and putting up pictures. Next we will go into my husband’s garage and sort through things that need to go into storage. I am still renting a space, but the goal is to put everything into tubs so it can go into our little storage shed. Also, my husband is ready to use ALL of his garage. Should not be to hard to do in a couple hours. The hardest part will be taking them to storage.

On top of the household stuff I have been going to school. Thankfully I got a break in math, meaning the material my professor is teaching is stuff I either pick up quickly on or I already know it. So I have been able to relax a little. My computer class has been falling behind because it is self paced, so I have not been working on it, and now I really have to cram it in cause the quarter is almost done. My Communications class has been going great. We finished our group projects and I got a pretty good grade on it. Now it is just wrapping things up and studying to take the final. I am excited for the quarter to end because I am even more excited to take my classes for Spring.

I am a little nervous about one class but I am sure I will do fine. I have two online classes and one class in the evening twice a week. But I am excited to take these classes because now that I have my degree on track and I know for sure what I am working towards I am beyond excited to get started on it. Good things are in store for our family.

Monster is doing great in his swim lessons. We are to the point where I am not needed in the pool. The last two weeks I have been sitting on the side of the pool, and he hasn’t really noticed I am not in there. Then last week his teacher said that I could try not getting in at all. I am going to take my swim suit though, just in case. I have confidence that Monster will do fine though, he really likes his teacher and he thoroughly enjoys playing in the water. I am excited to see his progress, and I am not as sad as I was in the start because I know that him growing up is what is needed and there will be other things I can do with him, or things that he will need me for and I look forward to it.

As you can imagine with all the things going on I have not been able to read much. Sadly I have fallen behind in that category. Though since I am going to focus on potty training Monster next week I have been reading a potty training book. Once I finished it, I will post a review. I am still reading the health book, just very slowly. And speaking of health, I haven’t lost any weight, and I haven’t gained it either. I have restarted the squat challenge for a third time now.  I am currently on day four. Now that the house in unpacked I can form and get into the groove of a schedule. Also, with only one class on campus next quarter I can workout before/after swim without having to rush. And my kids hooked up the Wii Fit board so I can check that out. Even my husband is trying to find a Zumba disk I can use at home. I truly excited for it all.

I think that about covers it. Life has been busy, hectic and wonderful. My disk is uncovered and organized now so I can sit here and write all day if I wanted and not have to worry about putting it away. But for now I have to go… Monday is swim day. Oh and one last thing… it just occured to me that I have had this blog for a whole year now, so Happy Blogiversary to me! Thank you my loyal readers for sticking around. More to come later. Until then… Me!


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