Finding a Balance

In the spirit of getting into a routine and back to writing, I am going to do my College Mom post Tuesday. Since the last time I wrote a College Mom post things have changed. My grades went up in all my classes, I found a new friend in math class. I had gotten to class really early one day and needed somewhere to sit until class started. Almost everywhere was full, or if it was a single person at a table they made it clear they didn’t want a mate because they had stuff all over the table that made it impossible to sit. Just as I was getting ready to give up and sit on the floor I spotted a girl from class.

She and another girl sit in front of me during class. And I have been wanting to make a friend, so I took the plunge and asked if I could sit with her. One thing after another and we are sitting together before class helping each other with homework. I found that my scores went up because when I would get stuck I had a partner to ask for help, instead of just going with a lower score. It has made a world of difference.

But that is not the only difference. I have kids, she doesn’t. I am married, and she isn’t. I own my home and she lives with her parents. And through some talking I found out that she isn’t even drinking age. I suddenly found myself feeling like I was the older mom looking for someone to make me feel young or cool again. Mind you; I am only twenty six. While she was talking about going to the movies I am across the table talking about the latest milestone Monster has passed. It gets really awkward when we don’t have anything in common to talk about, other than class that is.

Regardless of this difference I still like having the study partner. I just need to find a way to connect, to find a balance. That way if either of us needs the other in later classes we can call for help. This is because we are both on the Business track so we are likely to have some more classes together. So even though we can’t connect on a personal level, we can still connect on an educational level. And I am fine with that.

It is nice to have someone in the same class that you can bounce ideas off of and help with homework. Makes the class better and hopefully helps the grades. So I am going to enjoy it while I can, because you never know when you might need help with an assignment at eleven at night.


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