A Swimming Monster

It feels like it was last week that Monster and I were headed to our very first swim lesson. That I was carting a huge stroller, diaper bag and swim bag into the gym to get us both ready. It feels like last week when we sang our first hello song in class, the look on his face was priceless (even today he will only look and won’t clap along with the song). Monster would hold onto me for dear life, afraid that I might let go and he would fall into the water, but then he would realize that it wasn’t so bad. That in fact it was fun. He would splash non-stop. His favorite way to get into the pool is what we call the Alligator slide, it is when you slide into the pool on your tummy and you are totally submersed under water. He loved it when I would do that to him. Then there was Monday.

As we progressed through the different stages I knew it was coming. I knew that one day my son wouldn’t need me in the water anymore. That I would become one of those moms that sat on the bleachers fanning myself and waiting for class to get over. Silently telling my kid to behave and listen to the teacher. I just didn’t think it would happen so fast.

Since the beginning of this session (which run in five week intervals with one break week between) Monster’s teacher and I have been working me out of the pool. Gradually Monster would be with his teacher more, or he would be on the tot dock with the rest of the kids. Patiently waiting his turn to do the swim circuit. Then for these last two weeks I got suited up but didn’t get in. I just sat poolside with my feet in the water. The only time Monster acknowledged me was when he crabbed walked on the wall then got out to walk around me and get back in, all the while listening to his teacher. After watching him his teacher approached me about what we need to do next.

He caught us out in the lobby as we were attempting to leave. He said that he is amazed at Monster’s progress, and that Monday I didn’t need to even suit up. He strongly thought that Monster was ready for mommy to stop coming with him. That was it, that was the last time I was to get into the pool with my baby boy. I have been strung up with emotions since. Not sure if I want to cry or laugh. I am beyond proud of my Monster, but I am also sad that he is growing.

So Monday I sat in the bleachers with the other moms fanning myself and waiting for class to be over. But you could tell I was the “new” mom because I was taking pictures like crazy. Even took video footage of Monster swimming. And the bleachers is where I will be sitting tomorrow.

I am so proud of how far he has come with swimming. He can do his kicks and paddles. He loves bobbing in the water and crawling the wall to get to the other side. He can get in and out without any help from me. He even holds his head under the water until he can’t breath. And his floats are getting better and better each week. Soon enough he will be doing it all without the aide of his teacher. I know I should be happy for him, and I am, but it is still sad to see that the older he gets the less he needs me for things.

I thought I would be happy when he started to do more and more things on his own, but then I became dependant on him needing me. So I have found a new way at looking at it… he may not need me for swim lessons anymore, but there will be other things he will need me for. And you know what…. I look forward to that. So beware all who get into the water… there is a new Monster swimming around!


One Reply to “A Swimming Monster”

  1. Motherhood is a plethora of emotion. The extremes between wanting our children to grow and become independent is always accompanied by feelings of mild desolation at the thought of this separation. I have four and it happens with every stage they go through. You’re doing great.


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