Life as We Know it…

With the ending of another quarter at school I have not had the luxury of finishing a book. So, instead of a review on a book I am going to give you guys a small update and hope that I can give a review next week.

Life has not been going to bad. Kids are still healthy, husband is always hurting himself but is too stubborn to go in to get seen. I am doing pretty good. Getting nervous because the quarter is ending and I have finals this week. All on the same day… but hey that just mean they are all done on the same day as well… right?

On top of the quarter ending my husband is working on vehicles. Currently we are up to our cars in my driveway that don’t run at 100%. I am slightly irritated about this. More irritated that he won’t work on my vehicle, even though I have all the parts for it and they have been in the back of the Jeepster for over a month. But hey, the Jeepster still runs and I guess it can wait a little while longer.

The house is all unpack (minus the girls’ room), just need to make sure everything is in its place then we can hang pictures and put out knick knacks. Need to get that all done this week because we have our housewarming party this Saturday. So time is going to go quickly this week. It is super crucial that I stay focused and get stuff done instead of dragging my feet. I am determined to have this week be uber productive. That way next week I can just relax with my Monster at home cause neither one of us will have classes next week.

Speaking of which, Monster is still doing amazing in his class. I didn’t need to suit up last week and I won’t need to this week either. So I literally get to sit on the bleachers and read a book while he is in swim class. I am so excited for him and he has come such a long way. Come September he will be in the classes with bigger kids and that will be interesting to see how it goes with a different teacher. But I am not going to worry about it until that day comes.

So life has kind of mellowed out. The oldest is grounded, the youngest is beginning potty training, the husband and I are doing great. Life is pretty good. Well, that is my update. This week my plan is to get back on track for blogging, so keep a look out for my College Mom post for tomorrow. Until then…. ME!


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