Potty Training Boys; the easy way

I did it! I finally got to read a book all the way through. It is called: “Potty Training Boys; the easy way” by Caroline Fertleman, MD & Simone Cave.  As you can tell from the title it is about potty training boys. But it is more than just that. In the book it explains how we should let the boys be in charge of the potty training process. That way they feel in control and not so anxious. The book starts from the very beginning, saying that we could start the training from the time they are 12 months. But not putting them on the potty, more of making them familiar with it. Showing them what it is used for, like having them watch you go to the bathroom.

Then once they are ready for potty training you let them lead you. Let them pick out the potty seats, underwear and even stickers for a chart (if that method works for the child).  The part that really got me was you do them in sessions. You ask your toddler if they want to have a potty session, if they say yes then you go an hour without a diaper.  If they have an accident you don’t make a big deal of it. Because then they will pick up on your anxiousness and you could have a setback.

The book was very helpful. They put sections in on what to do if you have hiccups along the way. They also stressed that you should not make the child feel like he is being rushed, to take it slow.  What I really liked about that book is that it was not centered on one type of child. They put suggestions in for hyper children, easily bored children, and children that seem like they are ready but aren’t.  There is also a chapter on medical hiccups like diarrhea or constipation.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I am trying out the tips they suggest. It is actually working. I started about 3 weeks ago and I am finding that Monster is going to the bathroom without me telling him to. Now our next step is to put underwear on him and see how he does. He is even trying to stand up like his daddy to potty. I am finding that not rushing him is working. I try not to make a big deal when he has an accident, but I know we are nowhere near ready to go out without a diaper yet. I also know we will get there one day.

I suggest reading this book if you are just starting out on potty training, or if you have tried everything and nothing is working. I hope if you do read it you find it easy. Because it was easy for me to knock it out in a week, it was not boring and easy to navigate. Good Luck… until then… ME!



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