All Coming Together

I feel like it is all coming together now. All my classes are making sense and are starting to blend.  I was doing my Management homework and at one point I couldn’t remember if I was doing that or my Customer Service homework. And as I read through it all I can see where Accounting comes into play. I am not sure how I feel about this yet. One part of me likes it and the other is afraid that I won’t be able to retain it all… or I will get information mixed up when I am taking tests. But I can’t be all bad. If I can see the relations between them all then that must mean, I am doing something right. So I guess I can conclude that I like how they are all starting to blend together. And like always I am excited to see what comes next

Now to give you an update on this quarter. I know I have not posted but MAN my Accounting class is super demanding, and every time I think I am caught up I forget something. But I am more than happy to announce that I have found my groove. And if I stay focused, on track and determined that I can succeed. This last week is proof of it. it also helps that I stopped over loading my plate and did what I knew I could do.

As a result, I am carrying a high B in Management and Accounting (test/exam scores kill me there) and in Customer Service I have an A.

In Accounting I can do Journal Entries, prepare income statement, statement of owners’ equity and a balance sheet. This week we are working on adjusting entries and closing accounts. I need to spend some time and put together a study guide so I can refresh my mind on normal balances for accounts and what not. I get mixed up or forget a lot of the time, so I need to fix it. I am enjoying my class and my instructor is actually pretty funny. Sometimes it can be hard to understand him but it just means I am totally focused during class. Also, my partners are pretty cool and like to be involved in class so it helps to be surrounded by people who are determined to get an education.

My other two classes are online but none the less demanding. My Customer Service class is pretty easy. I just have to stay on track and remember due dates. Last week I lost four points on my test because I was two days late in taking it so it got docked 10% each day. But it taught me to be aware of due dates and stay on top of them. Now my goal is to take my test as soon as I get the chapter read. My Management class is still my favorite, and not because I have had that instructor before.  He demands a lot of us and I love it. I have work to do for that class almost every day, the only time demanding part of it is the chapter reading. Otherwise it is pretty easy. And I love that he comments on all the assignments, makes me feel like he really does read our work.

Overall this quarter is not going so bad. I have not missed a single class for Accounting, nor have I been late. I get there early and do more Accounting work. We are only 4 weeks in and still have about 6 weeks of instruction and 1 week of exams. Sorry to my loyal readers for my absences, I try and write as often as possible. Until next time… ME!


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