Testing Anxiety

The last time I remember being so anxious for a test that I had to go home was in the third grade. We were getting ready to start some state tests and I couldn’t help but feel like I was going to fail. Then I was thinking of what would happen if I did fail. I also remember that they sent me home that day.

A lot has changed with testing for me since then. I do breathing exercises. I try and be nothing but positive when it comes to the test. I do the responsible thing (or try to) and get lots of rest and eat something good before a test. But I feel like this quarter has thrown that ALL out the window. It isn’t so much as this quarter, more like a certain class. Yup, accounting 201.

That class gets me so nervous. And as we go along in the class it is getting harder and harder, well duh right? But my fear is that I will not be able to retain all that information.  So I study, and study, and study some more. I have not studied this hard for some since my IB History class in high school. My first exam was not too bad, I got a 39/50. But this one really threw me for a loop. I swear I did it all right, but of course everyone feels that way when they take a test. But then we were all sitting outside the class waiting for testing to be done and my classmates started asking each other how they think they did and if their balances came out even and what they got for their balance.

Mine was way different than theirs, but it did balance. This test was on adjusting entries and closing accounts. So of course after talking to my classmates about the test it had me extra nervous. I was no nervous about this test that I have had horrible gas, and I thought for sure I was going to vomit when I was at my mom’s.  Even my husband must have picked up on it because he willingly gave me a pep talk, telling me that I will be fine.  And usually I have to tell him to tell me I can do it and that I am just overthinking it all.

Which is what I am sure I did on this test. Because when I took the second half of the exam online today I felt pretty confident in it. I am really hoping we find out our results tonight, because I am not sure I can handle waiting a whole week to see if my grade is going to plummet or not.

I hope I am just over thinking this test and everything will be fine. I did all the studying needed and I went in there prepared. I just really want to get a good grade in this class and say that I did it without failing. I guess we will see when I go to class tomorrow. Until then… ME!


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