My Beautiful Life

I know everyone says they have a beautiful life. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So with that being said… I have a BEAUTIFUL life. Things aren’t perfect but they work for us. We have our ups and downs and that is fine, as long as we get up together.  But this is more than just my husband, this is everything about my life. The fact that we can afford for me to go to school and still have one income, so that I can get a job that I will love (one that will bring in cash).  My children are totally different from one another but yet complete each other.  My husband is a hardworking man who will help any friend in need if he can.  We have a house that I only dreamed about for years. We have family who support us and love us. I couldn’t ask for more at this point in my life.

Going back to school was something I have always wanted to do, talked about it for years. Couldn’t do it cause this that or the other thing was in the way. And I have always been determined to do it without pulling any student loans out. About a year ago though I had this dream about what I really wanted to do with my life, outside the family that is. So I sat down and talked to my husband about it and that is when the road to getting a degree started. It has been bumpy, lots of nights where I am up way after everyone goes to bed to study. But I have made it. I am about half way through school and I have a year and a half before I am where I want to be in order to get a job. But I am doing it, I am doing it with the support of my husband and my kids and the rest of our family. It has truly been a blessing to be able to go to school and still be a wife and mother.

During the duration I have been going to school my kids have grown like weeds. Our oldest is in middle school and is a full blown teenager. Some days I am not sure which one of us is going to survive, but ultimately I know things will be fine. And at one point in her life she will look back and feel that she turned out fine in the end.  Our middle child has blossomed into this honest, kind hearted kid with a ton of energy. Which at times makes it hard to deal with her or totally understand where she is coming from. Because she looks at life different then we do, which makes it hard for her to make friends, but since starting middle school she has done amazing. Getting great grades and all her teachers have great things to say about her. Now the Monster on the other hand, is probably having the time of his life. He growing so much that he trips over himself, which can make walking a little hard at times.  He is still in swim and doing so great that come fall he will be ready to move up to the next class.  And it is super hard to believe that he will be three this summer, which means he is closer to being in school. He is learning every day, talking better every day, and making me life every day. It is such a blessing to be able to be a stay at home mom and watch him… every day.

This all is because my husband is a great father.  He loves to have fun with his kids and watch them grow just as much as I do.  And it is nice seeing him afraid of what might come as the kids get older, just means I am not the only one afraid.  On top of being a great father he is a great worker. He works so much and so hard that when he has down time it is nice to see him relax.  And he goes up and beyond his job title to make sure the customers are happy.  Then he comes home and helps the neighbors and helps his family.  He is goofy and has AMAZING blue eyes, he truly is my partner, even though there are times I am sure I will die of stress or anxiety he calms me down in his weird little way.  And sure there are times when we can’t stand to be around each other but we always come back, neither of us stray. We get over our stubbornness and talk it out, and by the end we are laughing because we argued over the dumbest thing. He truly is my partner in life.

Without him I don’t think I would be where I am today, and it sure as heck would have taken a lot longer to get here. I am currently writing from my front porch, three months ago I couldn’t say that. Every day I walk through the house and pick things up, most of the time the items aren’t mine. I am not fighting a horde of dogs to get anywhere and my Monster is running through the house… all the time. This house is truly an answer to our prayers. In this house my kids have been able to grow into their own personalities. Monster can have his own room and loves it, is telling his sisters they can’t come in all the time.  He is even sleeping in a big boy bed, something he couldn’t do at our old place.  Our family has become stronger since being here and I thank GOD every day for it, and I appreciate it.

We have come a long way in the last two years. I am going to school; the girls are both in middle school. Monster is growing rapidly and I can’t seem to keep up. My husband went from a crappy job to a great job that pays better and gives him better hours. We have bought as house that allows are kids to be who they want to be and we have A LOT more space. I thank GOD every day for the life I have, and without my little family… well I am not sure where I would be today.  They have turned my life around, which makes me feel and say that I have a beautiful life.


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