Well, I did it. I survived Spring quarter, and my grades are the best since I have started. I got a B+ in Accounting (94.41/100 on my final), B in Management, and an A in Customer Service. That was by far the hardest quarter I have had so far. I am hoping Fall quarter won’t be as brutal. I have Business math, Human Relations and Human Resources. I am really excited for it, but am thankful for the summer break I get. Financial Aid will only pay for 3 out of 4 quarters of the year, I was able to go to summer quarter last year because I hadn’t started in the fall like everyone else. So I am taking advantage and taking the summer off. I was beginning to feel a little burnt out, with going to school none stop for over a year. I am determined to have as laid back a summer as I can.

I am so glad I made it through this quarter. I proved to my kids with hard work and determination you can pass the hardest of classes. I am so close to getting my Human Resources Certificate that I can taste it. I hope that with this summer break I can come back renewed and ready for whatever comes next.


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