Summer Goals

I have been on my summer vacation for little of a week now. And I have been completely lost without homework. Sure it has been nice to lazy around the house all day or spend hours playing with Monster… but I am a mom who LOVES her “to do” list just as much as she loves her coffee.

Every summer my oldest and I do a reading challenge, it is my way of getting her engaged in books and friendly competition. We see who can read the most books during the summer, and whoever wins get something. This year she wants a new PS4 game and I want to go a month without having to do towel laundry. So we are both equally motivated.

On top of that I am doing a few reading challenges through my local libraries, hitting many shelves with one book. But I feel like that is not enough, as much as I love reading I know there are a TON of things that need to be done around the house that I never have time to do during school. So it got me to thinking… how am I going to get it all done before school?

Then it hit me, I can challenge myself. I have a list of 21 items that I want to get done either around the house or for myself. They all range from sewing a hole in Monsters pillow to getting a military binder done that is ten years in the making. But what is my time frame?

Well that was easy, I need to have it ALL done by the time Fall quarter starts in mid September. Then I had to figure out my reward… what did I want for getting it all done? Aside from the satisfaction I have been wanting to get my hair dyed again. So here it is in a nutshell…

If I get all 21 items done on my list by September 19th then I will treat myself to getting my hair done. I want to get it ded burgundy with black, blonde and purple highlights, all while keeping it looking professional. I am so excited. My start date was June 6th, the day I was done with classes, and my end date is September 19th. So far I have 2 items done. Hopefully I can keep you updated on how I am doing on my list. But please wish me luck because since Monster is in toddler swim lessons I can actually get my hair done without worrying about the water ruining it, and with my new business kicking off I can save the money to pay for it myself. Wish me luck…I am going to need it.



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