Reaver by Larissa Ione

I am back at it again, now that I am not in school I am reading as many personal books as I can before I have to read nothing but school books. This book is one in a series that I have been reading, but before I had started this book review blog. It is part of the Demonica series written by Larissa Ione and I HIGHLY recommend you read them, especially if you are into Paranormal Romance like I am.

Reaver is a book about an angel named Reaver (DUH right?). He had his mind wiped of all memories and thrown out of heaven. You hear about him a little bit in previous books, but this one really focuses on him. I don’t want to give all the details away because then there would be no point on reading it. But I will tell you that he goes on a suicide mission to save a true fallen from the depths of Sheoul. He risks the lives of others and Heaven to find her, all because he wants some answer to his lost memories, because she could be the key to unlocking them. So part of the mission is for selfish reason but the other is that this fallen (Harvester) volunteered to fall from Heaven to get into the ranks of Sheoul to accomplish a vendetta for the “good” side, fully aware of what would happen if she got caught. And Reaver wants to know why.

Spoiler Alert…. they make it out of hell in one piece (fairly) just to be thrown into another.

Of course there is bloodshed, betrayal, love making and some awesome fight scenes that make you wish you could see it for yourself. And just when you think you have the whole story line figured out you are hit with a whammy. Reaver ends up having a twin, talk about a plot twist.

I don’t want to give away too much more of the book because I can honestly sit here and tell you about the whole thing, but then you wouldn’t feel the need to go read it yourself. So there it is…. Reaver goes into hell to rescue Harvester who is paying for betraying Satan (who is her father, conceived before he was thrown from Heaven and cast into Hell). They come out just to get thrown into a whole different hell. In the end things do turn out okay… for the time being. There is so much more to the book and I would love to tell you BUT I want you to experience it for yourself so you can fall in love with them as well. And that my loyal readers is where I am going to leave you. Happy Reading… ME!


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