Me and Pampered Chef

Does anyone know what it is? Want to know? Well I will tell you… it is a brand of kitchen products that will change your life. They make cooking so much more fun and easy. And I am the lucky gal who gets to be a Consultant. I grew up with Pampered Chef, my mom would throw a party and all I could think of was how awesome the products where. Then as I got older I saw how much fun her consultant was having giving the parties.

So I decided a couple years ago to give it a whirl, soon after joining I found out I was pregnant with Monster. After a few parties I decided I need to bow out of a while because I wasn’t feeling confident and I knew that once baby was here I wasn’t going to have to energy to do.

Well couple years later and here I am again. I am at it again, with a renewed energy and motivation. I am super excited to get my business on the map. If you want more information please contact me and we can talk. These are truly amazing products and there is something for everyone.


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