Where has the Time gone!

I feel like it was last month that I was bringing Monster home from the hospital. When he was screaming his head off because he didn’t want to get dressed.

I feel like it was last week when we were headed to our first swim lesson, where he held onto me for dear life. Then realized water wasn’t so bad and had a blast.

I feel like it was yesterday when he started to potty train and ride a scooter like he had been doing it his entire life. As easy as if it were breathing.

And now, in a few short days, he will be three. I will be a mother of a three years. With countless diapers, screaming matches, blow outs and sleepless nights. It has been a wild ride. The older he gets the more personality comes out. He is very short tempered and knows his likes and dislikes. He knows when he is in trouble and how to get out of it when he really wants to. Everyday is a new adventure with him, and in a few short years he will be off to Kindergarten.

It still amazes me everyday that I gave birth to another human and that I have been able to keep him alive this long, let alone happy. This kid is the light in my eye and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Sure he irritates me till I want to cry, and he is just as stubborn as I am, but he is such a happy little boy. It both saddens me and fills me with joy to see him grow. I am ready for him to be a big boy, to not have to change diapers, but I feel like it went by too fast.Can’t we just rewind and enjoy cuddle time just a little while longer? Can’t we pause for a bit and see his joyful smile at seeing a popsicle? Or better yet… can’t we just put his giddy little laugh on repeat and just listen until we pee ourselves laughing cause it is so contagious.

I know there are many many more memories to be made on his road of life, and I look forward to them, but I love having a little boy who is so happy to see me when I come back to him. And one day that innocent joy will be gone and replaced with a sarcastic teen who is embarrassed to be seen with me.

So for all you moms of little ones, hold onto to it. Remember all the smiles, laughs and up the back poopy diapers… because in no time they will be turning three and you will wonder how you missed the last cuddle.


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