Update on Summer Goals

Hello my faithful readers and to new followers. I wanted to update you on how my Summer Goals are going. I am very happy to say that they are going amazingly. I am two weeks into my challenges and am very proud of what I have gotten done.

To refresh your memory my goals where to read more books than my oldest daughter so she would have to do laundry duty for a month. UPDATE: I have a total of 4 books read and I am working on my 5th. I am not sure how many she has done because she is away at my Grandparents. I am excited because I have not been able to read that many books so quick since high school.

My second challenge was to finish 2 different Library Reading Challenges. My city library goal is to read 10 hours and my county library goal is to read 30 hours. UPDATE: I have finished my city library goal and I am up to 21 hours on my county. I am SUPER excited about all of this because I feel accomplished doing something that I love… reading.

My last challenge, and probably the hardest, is to get a list of 21 items don’t before I start school in the fall. UPDATE: So far I have 5 done on the list. Some of them include getting pictures up on the wall, organizing ALL the pictures on my computers so I can find certain ones easily and completing an updated bills list so I am not struggling to keep track of them each week. There are MANY more still to do but I am sure that I can do it.

If I get this all done by the time I go back to school then I get to get my hair done the way I want, while still keeping it professional. If I can get all my challenges complete then I know I can take on another challenge, I am not sure what it will be at this time. Maybe it will be to further expand my business of Pampered Chef, or maybe to lose weight again so I can feel good about looking in the mirror or wearing clothes that I want. I never know until I get there. So if I can achieve all my goals for this summer then that would be great cause then I will have proved to myself that I can do it.

Well that is it for now. I am hoping I can come back here in a couple weeks and have as great a report as this one. Until then….ME!


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