Cinder by Marissa Meyer

If you love Sci-Fi books and fairy tale, then hit this book up. It has both and they are elegantly put together. Marissa does a wonderful job of making you stay at the edge of your seat, just waiting to see what happens next. You will find yourself trying to convince the characters to interact. 

I had the luxury of having the book read to me. I downloaded to my Kindle Fire and listened to it while I was traveling. I was so enthralled in the book that I found myself finding reasons to get in my Jeep and just drive. 

The author mixes Sci-Fi with the classic Cinderella story. But they are different enough that you don’t catch on quick unless you know that Cinderella’s name is actually Cinder. The book is a tale of a young teenager going through life being a cyborg, and not knowing why. She was adopted by a man and his wife when the man suddenly got sick by the plague and died. Stuck with her step mom and step sisters, Cinder has a knack of working on mechanical things. She has no idea why she is cyborg, like what happen for the scientist to make her this way. Cinder does make a friend in her younger step sister, whom later gets sick by the plague. 

The story goes on to tell of a love between Cinder and… wait don’t want to spoil that part. 

The book is amazing, you can tell the difference between the classic tale and the wonderful story Marissa has spun. I am not that big of a Sci-Fi fan but this was fantastic and I recommend everyone to read it. She does have a series on this book, it is called the Lunar Chronicles. Cinder is the first book and Scarlett is the next. I have already downloaded the next book and can’t wait to get started. 

I hope for anyone who read this series that you love it as much as I did. Comment below with your favorite book and I will give it a try. For now I am onto my next book… “Revenant” by Larissa Ione…. I like to take a break between books and finish another series. Until then… ME!


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