Revenant by Larissa Ione

Man oh man oh man I love her books, and I read this one really quickly because I was dragged into the story and felt like if I had put it down then I would miss something. I had a lot of sleepy days because I would stay up late and read, that is the best time to do it in my house.

This story continues on from Reaver. The angels have just found out that they are twins, well refound out. Thousands of years ago Revenant had come to Reaver with the news that they were twins, but Reaver was going through some crap and didn’t react well. Due to the reactions from that they both had their mind wiped of all memories and they had no idea who they were or that they were twins. Because of a deal made between Heaven and Hell concerning the twins whatever was done to one had to be done to the other. So when Reaver was made a Radiant Angel, Revenant was made the evil equivalent, Shadow Angel.

This story focuses on Revenant and him finding his path. With him dealing with a lot of emotions he didn’t know he had and ultimately finding love and family. You will find yourself rooting for him, even when it seems like you shouldn’t. You will feel like you can relate to him because of everything he goes through. It is such an amazing book to end the series. Yes you read that right, as of right now this book ends the series.

I just recently found out that there were a couple sub books (ones done between the main books in the series) that pertain to the Demonica series, so I am hunting them down and reading them. If you are interested in the series then the first book you need to read is Pleasure Unbound. You don’t HAVE to read them in order but it makes a whole lot more sense when you do. I hope you enjoy the series just as much as I have, Larissa Ione is such an amazing author and I can’t wait to see what she writes up next. Until next time… Happy Reading!


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