Witch & Wizard: The Gift by James Patterson

I love James Patterson! I read the Angel Experiment series and now I am onto his Witch and Wizard series. I have told you about the first book, “Witch and Wizard“. Well they are still fighting the good fight. They have lost a lot of friends along the way but they are still fighting through. The One who is the One is getting stronger everyday and it is getting harder for them to hide.

But I think that is all about to change. Wisty and Whit are finding that when they channel their magic through kids then it becomes much stronger. I am hoping that in the next book they will find it out for sure. But for right now they are lost. Their parents have been executed right in front of them and now they are running for their lives… again. Byron has officially turned his back on them. I am not sure if it is because Wisty doesn’t love him or if he thinks there is no winning in the end. Either way Wisty is mad and Whit wants to pummel him.

I am excited to see where the next book will take them, and I am sure Patterson won’t disappoint. I know this was brief and not much info but that is basically all it is. But I hope that you read the books to find the love and passion these kids have in fighting for what is right and discovering things about themselves on the way like I have. Until next time… Happy Reading!


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