“Back (with Jake Owen)” by Colt Ford

I was first introduced to Colt Ford when my husband played me a CD on our way to a date. I fell in love with the artist right away. I have been listening to him ever since. He brings good memories to mind about my childhood. Like when I would do crafts with my mom. Or when we would travel to town together. And the adventures we went on, like living in a trailer for a summer before we moved back to the city. I love the memories I have with my mom and cherish where we are today in our relationship. I look forward to making similar memories with my son and daughters.

Family is so important and people forget that all the time. We are so quick to look out for ourselves that we let the ones closest to us slip away. We take family for granted all the time, assuming that they are going to be there the whole time without blinking an eye. We need to cherish each other everyday. Do you have a song that brings back childhood memories? Comment below and I will give it a listen. Also comment with what memory it brings back.


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