It’s Almost DONE

There is an amazing feeling you get when you finish a project. A feeling of accomplishment, of pride, of joy. You feel all those things because you finished something all by yourself, you set your mind to something and got it done. And if you are like me and you seem to never finish anything then those feelings are overwhelming. Well … I am almost to that point.

At the beginning of my summer “vacation” I set out to finish 3 goals. To read more books then my oldest daughter. To finish two library reading challenges. And get a list of 21 items done that I don’t have time to do while I am in school. I am here to update you on them, and I will tell you what… I am SO proud of myself.

Goal One: Read more books than my oldest daughter. I know this goal sounds a little mean but it is a way to motivate my kid to read cause in the end she gets something she wants, if she has read more than me. And as she gets older I raise the stakes and work harder because I don’t want everything to just be handed to her. Well, she is really working this summer. I have 8 books read this summer so far. Yup… EIGHT! I can’t remember the last time I read that many books. And if you follow my blog then you get to see the reviews. I have been working hard on reading. I have listened to half the books and read the other half. But man oh man I LOVE reading. And I LOVE the fact that I have the time to read, I even find time to read my Monster a chapter book and other childrens book. We have a little over a month left of our challenge and I am not slowing down now. For those of you who are just tuneing in… if my oldest reads more books than me then she gets a video game or console controller. But if I win then she has to do towels for a whole month to understand how frustrating it can be to do them every week.

Goal Two: Finish 2 Library Reading Challenges. I finished both of them. I got the required 10 hours done for my city library pretty early in the summer. I got the 30 hours required done for my county library a couple weeks ago. And when you finish a certain number of hours you get tickets put into a drawing, and I won a free book from the library. I chose a James Patterson book that I have been wanting to read. It is the beginning of another series.

Goal Three: Get 21 items done that I can’t get done during school. I am almost done with it. Last time I reported I had a little under 10 left to do. Now I only have 2! And those are mainly paperwork type items. I feel GREAT that I have been able to get it all done. If I can get it all done before the month is up, then I will feel even more great then I do now.

This summer has been amazingly productive. Of course we haven’t done a lot of things together as a family but that is because we have been so busy every weekend. And when we do get a weekend of nothing we want to do just that… nothing. But there is still a lot of summer left and it doesn’t have to be summer to go camping or go to the beach. Well, that is where I am at with my goals. It feels amazing to get things done and feel productive. I hope this is a good start for other things. Until then…ME!


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