“Azagoth: A Demonica Novella” By Larissa Ione

I am back at it again with Larissa Ione, I can’t get enough of her books. After doing a little research I noticed that I forgot a couple books in the series. It was easy to miss because she wrote them as part of another series called 1001 Dark Nights, a series of books written by a lot of different authors. So I decided to read them. There are two. This one and Hades. Azagoth was heart stopping and I am sure Ione will deliver nothing less for Hades.

This book is about the Grim Reaper, AKA Azagoth. He is an angel who ratted Satan out about his plan to overthrow Heaven. Well, once Satan was booted he began to kill a lot, and the souls had nowhere to go. So, due to some personal issues, Azagoth volunteered to be booted and traffic the souls into Hell where they would be tortured until they were reincarnated. No one knows why he chose to until Lilliana comes in and rocks his world.

See after thousands of years Azagoth is tired of being alone and wants a mate, problem is that Heaven makes him breed with 72 angels every year to make a special breed of angel who watch over special humans until it is time for them to shine. Azagoth is tired of it, so he demands to have a mate.

They send Lilliana. At first she is on a mission to get a special item back for Heaven, then once she gets to know Azagoth she starts to change her mind. And just as things get good between them it all goes downhill. Thankfully things turn out good in the end. But you still want to read the book to get ALL the juicy details and really find out what happens.

Larissa Ione doesn’t disappoint in her books. She keeps you captivated until the very last word. And that is what has made this series amazing. I can’t wait to start reading Hades’ story because that has got to be one hell of a journey. If you know of the Demonica series, then you have read/heard a little about him and WOW I can’t wait to get into it.

Don’t forget to comment below with your favorite book so I can give it a try as well. And as always I encourage you to read Larissa Ione’s books, because they are one hell of a good time. Until then… ME!


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