“Carnival of Souls” by Melissa Marr

Marr is at it again, except this time she has created a world of Daimons and Witches. She is the author of the bestselling series “Wicked Lovely”, which I have also read. So I expected nothing but awe and wonder when reading “Carnival of Souls”.

It didn’t quite reach the awe and wonder stage, but it did hold my attention. There is a nice mix of mystery and excitement. But to me there was a little too much going on. It was like she was trying to put too much into one book, at times it was hard to keep track of which character was which.  Though in the end it was all nicely wrapped together.  The ending didn’t leave me jittery for the next book, but it did leave me excited for the next installment (no word on that yet).

The story is about a girl who was stolen from her world when she was just a baby. Her mother had escaped the reign of The City, she didn’t want her daughter to be part of it, especially with who her father was. So she escaped to the human world and married a witch, who was more than willing to take the baby and raise it as his own. Flash forward seventeen years and we have a girl who has no idea of her true origins. All she knows is that Daimons are bad and they have been at war with Witch for centuries, slaughtering all that get in their way or threaten them.  Then she meets a boy who makes her want to tell him everything, except that he is on a job to locate her and bring her back to The City when the time is right, of course things change when he falls for her and realizes that their bond is so strong because they are meant for each other.

Along the way we meet a few more characters that are wrapped into the story. A witch who was raised as her Daimon half to be used as a weapon later on, who has entered into a fighting competition to flee the life a female is meant to live. All to hide who she really is, because then she would be killed without another thought. A Daimon who was supposedly killed during a match but was summoned to a witch’s circle because his opponent couldn’t kill the man she loves.

A lot of stuff goes on in this story but it all comes together nicely in the end. So if you can keep up then the book is worth a try. I certainly like the author and was kind of surprised by this book. If you like fairytales and paranormal then this book is worth a try.

Do you have a favorite book that is worth mentioning? A book you would recommend? Shoot me a message or leave it in the comments for all my followers to try. Until then…ME!


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