“Hades” by Larissa Ione

By now you can probably guess that I really like Larissa Ione. In fact, I LOVE her books. And this one did not disappoint. In the last book I read from Ione (Azagoth), we learned about the Grim Reaper and how he came about to be the Reaper. We learned that he could love again and that even though we have an ugly job, it doesn’t mean you have to have an ugly life.

In this next installment we learn a little about Hades, Azagoth’s warden. He runs the Inner Sanctums where evil beings go until they are reincarnated. But of course there has to be a love interest and that is where Cat comes in. She is a fallen angel who has taken a job in Azagoth’s manor to avoid being dragged into Sheoul where she would turn True Fallen and NEVER earn her way back into Heaven.

What starts this story is when Cat accidently lets some evil beings into the Inner Sanctum, and among them is a human who doesn’t belong there. Side Note: it is the Grim Reaper’s job to make sure everyone is cleared before going into Hell, if they aren’t truly evil then they get sent to Heaven. So Cat goes into the Inner Sanctum to try and correct what she did. Of course no one knows she is there and her choices lead into chaos in the Sanctum’s. Once Hades gets involved then that really sets things off. But I can’t tell you anymore without giving the whole story up, and that wouldn’t be any fun because then you won’t read it.

This story is beyond wonderful. It is a roller coaster of emotions. You never know what to expect and you are surprised at every turn. You find yourself wrapped up in the story and before you know it you are feeling what the characters are feeling. Their stories are told nicely and don’t seem out of place when they are told. Ione uses descriptive words that fit the scenes perfectly, like magic.

If you like romance, if you like paranormal, then I highly encourage you to give Larissa Ione a read. She won’t leave you disappointed in her works. If you have a book that you love, then drop the title in the comments and I will give it a read. Until then… ME!


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