“Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls

This was the best video I could find for you guys. I grew up listening to this song. It is one that my mom use to play when I was growing up. I like the solemn feel to the beat. I can easily close my eyes and think about my life and how far I have come. It is the perfect song to listen to if you are journaling. It tells an amazing story that once in awhile I turn it on just to listen to the words. I love songs that my mother played when I was living at home. It told me a little of her world and what she likes. A person’s playlist can tell you a lot about a person. Do you have a song that brings back childhood memories when you listen to it? Is there a song that your parents had you listen to as a kid just because it was a good song? Comment below and I will give it a listen. I owe my taste in music a lot to my mom, she gave me the foundations of what to look for it good music, and I eternally thankful for that.


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