“Call Me When You’re Sober”by Evanescence

Have I mentioned that I like to belt out songs whether I can actually sing or not? Well I do, and my favorite place to do it is my Jeepster when I am driving. I will do it when I am happy because I love to belt it out, I will do it when I am mad at my husband because screaming at him doesn’t help the situation at all. I had originally added the song a few years before I got married because the guy I was with at the time kept choosing his mother over me. No matter what it was he was never on my side. Then as I started dating again I was with men that kept wanting me for one thing or another, we were never on the same page. So the song has stayed to remind me of all that, and to allow me to belt out the lyrics when I am mad or just feel like yelling for no reason. Do you have a song like that? Comment below and I will give it a listen.


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